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Polymer casings

Multi-layer: casings with customisable properties

Kalle polymer casings are the result of decades of experience in plastics technology. Combining multiple polymer layers, they offer a diverse range of configurable product characteristics.

Another revolutionary development from Kalle, these high-performance polymer casings consist of up to seven different layers. Placed one above the other, each layer adds its own unique function to the product. One layer can be used as a barrier against water vapor or oxygen, for example, while another determines how the product feels to the touch. These sophisticated casings are produced on extrusion lines that Kalle configures for such complex multi-layer plastics in partnership with specialist plant manufacturers.

NaloFerm: the controlled water-permeable casing

Polymer casings have traditionally been used for cooked sausages or cheese. No one ever thought they could be used in the ripening process, which involves significant loss of water. However, as technology progresses, Kalle has developed polymers that take permeability to a totally new level. With the recently developed NaloFerm, Kalle has achieved something that once seemed impossible: a plastic casing that is also suitable for the manufacture of raw sausage.

Thanks to this precisely configured permeability, sausages in NaloFerm casings can be cured in the same ripening room as products with natural or collagen casings – with no risk of dry edge formation. This capability is a major convenience for sausage manufacturers. In addition, NaloFerm is resistant to mold – without the use of additives or immersion in an anti-mold bath.